2017 Research Management Colloquium

Citations, Impact &
International Ranking

12 May 2017

HKU, in partnership with Elsevier, hosted an international colloquium on hot topics related to citations, impact and international ranking on May 12, 2017, providing a forum for critical discussion of developments, challenges and potential solutions in higher education. Attracting some 200 participants from Hong Kong, mainland China, Asia, Europe and North America, the colloquium is part of a series aimed at generating dialogue and progress in key areas affecting international research communities.

Are publications still the major output in the academic world? Why and why not?
As journals proliferate, where should academics publish their best works?
A journal’s impact factor is commonly perceived as a gauge of its “quality” or “impact”. Is this correct? What else can one measure?
What are the shortcomings and limitations of citations?  Does citation really imply impact?
Parameters such as the h-index have also emerged. How are they being used to judge quality and impact? What else is coming?
How should one measure academic impact? What about technology or society impact?
Impact is perceived differently in different disciplines. Are there any common measures that can be used in such a heterogeneous landscape?
What opportunities are ahead for collaboration and cooperation among academics, the research community, industry, the publishing business, government officials and funding agencies?
As open innovation emerges, interest is increasing in commercialisable patents and knowhows. How do publishers, funding bodies, and ranking agencies respond to these?
University ranking exercises also appear to be on the rise in recent years. How can one tackle different ranking tables and judge the results?
Reputation can be a subjective matter. Is there a more quantitative measure of the “reputation” of a university or research organisation?
How can academics help shape the future of university?
How does academic appraisal feature in university ranking?

Message from the Chairman

The University of Hong Kong, in partnership with Elsevier, is taking the initiative to discuss these pertinent and emerging issues with various stakeholders.

This is an opportunity for us to present our ideas, findings, challenges and solutions and to chart the path forward. This is a forum for the 3 “D’s”: discussion, dialogue and debate.

It is also an important opportunity to shape our future in matters that concern us deeply.

We thank all speakers and panel members for their time, effort and ideas, and we very much look forward to your participation.

Professor Andy Hor
Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
The University of Hong Kong

Organizing Committee

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    Professor Andy Hor

    Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)

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    Professor MH Sham

    Associate Vice-President

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    Professor Ricky Kwok

    Associate Vice-President

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    Professor Aleksandra B. Djurišić

    Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Science

  • Dr. Derek Law

    Statistician, Information Management Unit

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